Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greg's Gawker Audition, Day One (Plus Liz Gorman)

He also asked me to say that, at least in the short term, he's still writing the morning round ups. More on me in a bit (I'm only on my first cup of coffee).

Also, though I didn't say before because I was upset and maybe just a teeeeny bit drunk, Ken had me let Liz Gorman, Wonkette's former and Washingtonian's current photographer, go. This also sucked because Liz is not only a fantastic art photographer and event photographer (hire her! hire her!), she's amazing in her ability to infiltrate parties and events to which she's not been invited and then to get people not to put their hands up and stuff.

Ok, I'm only being kind of quiet right now because I've got like 100 emails and I'm trying to respond to as many as possible because I really appreciate those of you who took the time to write to me, and then I'll get around to a longer explanation thingie and a response to some of the questions I've been asked. I don't think it's appropriate to get into certain things on Wonkette's comment boards, but I have been reading and know that people are curious and have questions and I want to answer them.


rptrcub said...

Seriously, WTF? They've lost their minds.

Cynica said...

Wow. Is there some sort of corporate strategy to completely destroy the site? You were the best thing there since Ana left, Liz's photo galleries were amazing, and Intern Greg showed great promise. I've joined the Homofascist Army and am on strike against Wonkette, but will continue to read you and Greg on other Gawker sites to support YOU, not the corporate assholes who did this. Wish I were in DC to buy you a drink, but if you ever need a place to stay in the Oregon wine country, you got it babe. (also, we're already researching escape routes to Canada should the election go wrong).

louisev said...

Great to see you still breathing, Megan. I know you have to be cautious about what you write, but the Homofascist Army would like to know your thoughts and of course, what we can do to help you, besides help you get bombed off your keester, which I can't do since I'm in San Francisco.

Let us know when you can!


Anonymous said...

As I said elsewhere - we Wonketeers will march on a road of bones. Restoration is not enough ... we want heads (Layne) on pikes.

Rip Slagcheek said...

But but but I liked Ken Layne. What in the hell? Up is down. Fucking Layne. This sucks.

nojo said...

RIP: Yeah, Ken's (apparent) involvement has left me deeply conflicted. I still respect the dude's work a great deal, but if this story plays out as outlined, I'm afraid I'll have to hang up my Wonketteer beanie.

Ah, well. We'll always have assfucking pandas.

Anonymous said...

Don't burn any bridges, but as you can tell, we're all interested in your perspective. Take care and I'll keep looking for anything that you'd like to say.

(I've got several blogger accounts and offhand, I don't remember which one would produce a name that you'd recognize. So, I'll just sign this thing: Magister)

Mac said...

This would never have happened if Paul was President.

Jamie Sommers said...

@mac: That made me laugh for the first time in a while.

Pvt. Sommers, HFA

Anonymous said...

All right, that's it, I'm chipping in for a blimp. Who's with me?

Er.. maybe not a full-sized one, but one of the remote-controlled ones. Then we can write "Hire Meagan back, Asshats!" on it, and drive it in circles around Gawker central. Er.. wherever that is.

HFA of vengeance!