Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Insomnia makes me see wonky

Radar: State of the Union Even More Boring, Redundant Than Anticipated
Jezebel: Crappy Hour
Radar: Star-Turning Kansas Gov. Endorses Obama
Jason Linkins on HuffPo: Misty Water-Colored Memories Of The Way Our State Of The Union Addresses Were
Radar: Drew Peterson's Undying Search for Love, Money
Radar: God Continues Destruction of Modern Gomorrahs
Radar: Rehab's Always Crowded After Christmas


ManchuCandidate (retard) said...


Going mainstream in blogistan!

Did they add "beloved Internet Freelander"?

Megan said...

Me, mainstream? The real question is did you think it was funny.

ManchuCandidate (retard) said...

Mainstream for the intertubes. Not MSM.

I liked it. It was the cynical Megan I know from the intertubes. Crap like SOTU does not warrant a too serious response.

Hopefully when you become Adrianna's sidekick that you'll remember us little folk who rioted on the intertubes.

BeRightBack said...

I like your Radar pieces, Megan (your CP posts/HuffPo pull-quotes are great too, but a different form of writing). They adapt to the house style but also seem recognizably you. Plus: they pay you for them, right? So that's pretty awesome. Good job.

Hotsauce said...

I guess I have to sign up as a commenter on Radar now. They don't ban people for irreverent sarcasm, do they?

And yes, the posts were funny. The Megan we all knew and loved since before we knew you were Megan.

SpangledAngel said...

@hotsauce: Agreed.

Drew Peterson is single-handedly taking nutrients from my unborn child because he makes me throw up in my mouth.

coozledad said...

We don't have a TV, so I can't keep the wife-icing Petersons straight.
We used to live in Durham, so I remember the Scott Peterson who decorated the staircase of his Forest Hills manse with his wife's brains.
I went to high school with the police officer who made such a hash of the crime scene the prosecution's case was hampered. My wife's college roommate was the victim's sister. All the bartenders in Durham knew he was an evil philandering homicidal egotist prick, but I don't recall hearing about any of them being called to the stand.
I can't believe this Drew guy ever had a date. Is there a singles site for lizard-eyed psychopaths?