Monday, January 21, 2008


So, I had totally started writing an explanation, and then my friend came over to take me to dinner/the subway so that I might retrieve my car from where I left it on Saturday night (don't drink and drive!). We had dinner, the bartender's a friend and just sort of kept refilling my wine glass and then I fell asleep on Metro and woke up... at Minnesota Ave. For anyone else that has a habit of dozing off on trains (they're quiet, and the move back and forth, and I've done it in 4 cities by now), if you wake up as the train comes outside after Stadium/Amory after having missed Capitol South, just ride it to New Carrolton. Minnesota Avenue is creepy and cold. A nice Latino man and his son stopped to ask me if I was lost because white people don't usually get off there.

Aaanyway, so I eventually caught a train back, and then went to meet another friend at St. Ex for a drink. One drink turned into 2, her friend Dawn showed up, we decided we were splitting a bottle of champagne, then that we needed to go to some gay event at DC9 and that the rest of the bottle fit nicely in a big purse. It was then decided that a little smoke-up was required and so we went to Dawn's "first," which became last when Dawn's bud was exceptionally kind (my first time!) and our friend fell asleep and so, then, did I. So, for the second time this weekend, I slept it off on someone's couch. She got me up and to my car in time to come home for Crappy Hour (on which I'm also working currently).

All that's to say: it's half written and in draft form and I'll put it up this morning before I go back to bed.


DC1974 said...

I at least you were able to get back! My worst fall asleep on train experience (I have this problem too. They are great places to sleep!) was in San Francisco. I fell asleep, rode the train all the way to the end, the train actually turned around (I was still on it). And when I woke up I was at some station in BFE (thinking I was still going outbound). I was actually on a train going inbound and the last train of the night at that. I had to take a $60 cab ride back home. Fun!

Nabisco said...

The funniest thing about the metro in Tokyo is the ease with which people nod right off to sleep and then snap to instantly upon arrival at their station - usually an hour or so after they boarded.

And you haven't seen drunk-subwayin' until you've tried to board the last trains of the evening in Tokyo on a Friday night....

All of which is to say...'first time'!?? Man, Megan, now you've got the whole "driven to drink 'n dr...." to hang on Layne!

Look forward to getting Crappy...!