Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing Today

Crappy Hour on Jezebel

Other people that are pissed:

NY Post
My friend Josh
Another blogger/HFA member
Bostonist (at the bottom)
And, anonymously, some changes at the Wikipedia entry


Watcher said...

You of course know you made Page Six, too, ouais? Albeit with your name misspelled.

Watcher said...

Ah, looks like they've corrected the spelling.

rptrcub said...

I am so totes going through Meg withdrawal symptoms today as the economy continues to spiral out of control. Sigh.

Didja ever get the Google Adsense crap to work?

Crime Pays said...

I think it's pretty funny that Ken Layne fires Megan because he wants to take the site in a new direction, and then immediately rips her off with pictures of Sarkozy's girlfriend and snarky jokes about her possible pregnancy. Why aren't we all scouring the internet for possible new outlets for Megan's writing?

Clive said...

Ken Layne is a terrible judge of good writing if he thinks the one-note-joke repetition of the current posts on Wonkette (not naming names, other than his) are the new direction of Wonkette that will draw in new readers. This blog has more posts than today's Wonkette stories.

Clive said...

Meant to say comments, not posts, in the last sentence there.

nojo said...

@rptrcub: What? The economy's taking? Damn, I may have to start visiting CNN to get my news summaries.

berightback said...

I loved your Crappy Hour post, but the comments (except Manchu's) made me run away screaming into the ether. I mean really, apple butter recipes? This is why Jezebel is not an actual substitute for Wonkette, whatever its strengths may be (I had a nice discussion about Atonement elsewhere on the site, for example). But I digress.

Chin up! I read some of the older articles of yours I missed while I was gone from the internet mid Dec.-early Jan., and I have to say: you did a great job. The piece on Tancredo's ad was devastating. Fuck Ken's unwillingness to work with you. Vive la HFA!

nojo said...

@nojo: Tanking. Coffee's ready!

Oh, and look! Google ads! Now folks, be careful with your mice -- Google has Powerful Algorithms to guard against robo-clicking, and will smite thee who dare abuse their cash register. Once a day per ad should be safe.

rptrcub said...

@nojo: Fuck CNN. Visit those commies at the BBC if you want the truth. Screw TV news.

Alkibiades said...

I am late to the party, having spent the 3 day weekend sans intertubes.

Wonkette will be much the poorer for your leaving, and I am pissed that I had to find out about this from fucking page 6. HFA forever!

melissa said...


I know what you're saying. The piece itself was a great dose of Megan & of politically related content. But the commenters (sans Manchu) are not fun.

But I just put something up in gratitude to Megan & Moe. & I think I accidentally copied your French - 'cept I went 'le' not la.

rptrcub said...

Yay, Google Ads! I'm doing my best to help you in your hour of need, as much as possible as is legal and doesn't violate my gay blood oath.

Rachel said...


just sayin'.

Megan said...


You guys totally rock. I meant to get on actually writing something today, only then I sort of almost immediately went back to sleep after I finished crappy hour.

And thanks for the job lead, too...


coozlemomawhatever said...

Re: Google ads.
Thanks for the info, nojo. It looks like the ads change when you reload the page so I'm limiting myself to one click per day per unique ad. Oh, and look how smart Google is!
I'm seeing these 2 ads right now:
+ Easy to Stop Drinking
+ Make Money Writing Blogs
How timely and relevant!

Megan said...


That sounds much more relevant than the episcopal ads it was reportedly getting before. Do I have to say "fuck" more or something?


rptrcub said...

@Megan: These are Whiskey-palians we're talking about, not Baptists.

WC aka Hotsauce (in exile) said...

I'm weighing in kinda late, but wanted to add my voice to the throng. Megan, you'll always be a Wonkette to me, and I look forward to seeing you write somewhere regularly soon. Your writing style, sophisticated sluttiness, and waterboarding techniques have made me a lifelong fan.

fupduck said...

I enjoy your comments on Jez a lot.

It's tough to leave a comment there, though, they're just so fucking earnest!

I've always felt that "if you can't say something nice, then say it"

I guess I better join the HFA..

Raging Monk said...

Wonder what Ana Marie Cox thinks about all this?

nojo said...

@raging monk: Last I heard some months ago (I don't pay close attention), AMC was pleased with Wonkette, following a dry patch.

This would have been the Ken/Pareene version. Don't know whether Ana had a chance to check out Megan's work, but as I've said elsewhere, the Bhutto posts reminded me of Ana when she was sufficiently pissed to drop the guise.

Very different voices and perspectives, of course, but the two were Wonks as well as Ettes, and I was glad to see Megan bring both back. Or, to again repeat myself, informed wit.

rptrcub said...

Good morning, clicked on your ads at home and at work.


1st Armored Hirsute Division, HFA
Fiduciary Solvency Combat Brigade, HFA

Alkibiades said...

I only got one ad today. Thankfully the youth ministry seems to have moved on.

There was talk of a tip jar, which some considered too Paultardian. I, for one, would welcome the chance to let my Ameros do the talking.