Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Super-ish Tuesday

So, in some good news, Glamour yesterday invited me to be daily contributor to Glamocracy through the election! They're also really interested in seeing more of a conversation develop on their comment boards (no, for real!) so, head on over there if you like!

Glamocracy: Much Less Super Tuesday
Jezebel: Crappy Hour
Radar: Ma'am, Please Remove the Fetus and Put it Through the X-Ray
Glamocracy: Obama, McCain Win the Ice Bowl, and Another Hillarynista Bites the Dust

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday again

Sorry about the dearth of posting on Friday- I had a 10:15 job interview and Crappy Hour wrapped up at 9:45, so there was no post for you! And, per the comments and my post, Cynics' party had major server errors this weekend, so I had other things on my mind.

Today's writing:
Jezebel: Crappy Hour
Radar: Battle of the Celebrity Endorsements

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday is a work day again!

So, I'm guest-editing at Jezebel today, and (set your Tivos!) will be hosting Glamour's all-day Super Tuesday coverage on their Glamocracy blog tomorrow (so this might not get updated that regularly then).

Jezebel: Democratic Dames Vie For The Hearts, Minds, Votes Of Women
Jezebel: "Thank God Women Are Not Lazy, Negligent Assholes When It Comes To Voting"
Jezebel: Democratic Tear Ducts
Radar: Britons as Dumb As Americans
Jezebel: Some Women Will Do Anything To Justify A Shoe-Obsession
Jezebel: When I Grow Up
Jezebel: Diseases We Almost Envy
Jezebel: In Defense of Depression
Jezebel: Monkey Business