Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally Friday Again

Glamocracy: Health Insurance, Gas Money, Superdelegates and Supposed Foreigners
Glamocracy: Test your election knowledge!

Jezebel: Crappy Hour


Ewalda said...

What is Amanda's problem? Other than the obvious rightwing humorless sexually frustrated symptoms.

Megan said...


You weren't supposed to tell her that I was baiting the line for her!! I actually hear that she just does it for the attention, and I knew she was going to ask that!


nojo said...

Amanda's a real firecracker. (Yes, I love using paternalistic language around her...) Once you get past her mugshot -- Kitty Harris better watch her back -- you'll see that she quoted "economist Ben Stein" the other day with a straight face.

ManchuCandidate (retard) said...

Hope you're enjoying the west coast.

Heh, on Mandy. Seriously, invite her over with some of her Townhall BFFs to the CP. I haven't had a good intertubes hassle since Sinister Rouge. Unlike my brawl with SR, I'm more than happy to be really insulting.

Megan said...


Actually, I don't head out there until Thursday... But I will, I think!

Also, I'm pretty sure Amanda would find CP on her own, if she wanted...


Ewalda said...

I musta been pretty drunk. She irks me. Sorry to have blown the joke.