Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleety Friday

Glamocracy: Debates, Money and McCain Fallout
Glamocracy: Confessions of an Unextraordinary Girl Lobbyist

Jezebel: Crappy Hour


BeRightBack said...

Good luck on your crusade against the mean-girling occuring over on Jez. Looks like you'll need it.

I really liked the G. article about the Scarlet Lettered Lobbyist, by the way. Someone I didn't recognize asked about your perspective in the W comments, so I provided him/her a link to it - the legend lives on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your "Confessions of an Unextraordinary Girl Lobbyist" article. I'd been hoping you'd post your perspective on the matter.

Did you see today's editorial by the NYT Public Editor taking the Executive Editor to task for allowing that article to be published?

Bill G.