Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday sucks!!

Okay, so, as I said yesterday, I'm blogging at Glamocracy all day today (you should come by and check out E.A. Hanks' funny videos, too), but I've also got stuff from the queue hitting elsewhere! Ack! Check there and here for updates.

Glamocracy: Welcome To Super Tuesday!
Glamocracy: Longing for your Ex-Candidate?
Glamocracy: Polls, trolls, and a semi-win for Mitt—plus Alabama, Arkansas, and Illinois check in
Glamocracy: Play some political games!
Glamocracy: We Report, Because They Can't Yet—and a mini-win for Hillary!
Glamocracy: Super Tuesday only super for some: The final unscientfic results are in!
Glamocracy: What We Don't Know Will Probably Keep Us Up All Night
Glamocracy: What A Difference An Hour Doesn't Make For Democrats
Glamocracy: McCain usurps Giuliani's blue state strategy and other things that strike us
Glamocracy: Taking Stock at Midnight

Jezebel: Super Tuesday: It Isn't Quite The End Of The Affair
Jezebel: Mike Gravel: The Candidate You Didn't Know You Wanted (And Probably Didn't Vote For)
Jezebel: Is Menstruation A Girls-Only Gift Or A Modern Inconvenience?
Jezebel: A Little Gamemanship In Appalachia
Jezebel: Lutfi-ngali Scarier Than Anyone Honestly Thought
Jezebel: We Watch Super Tuesday So You Can Focus on American Idol

Radar: Knut and Britney: Is There Any Hope?

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wobblie said...

Nice work at Glamocracy today - I imagine it was bit odd trying to figure out how to write for that audience.