Monday, March 3, 2008

Charlotte Allen Can Kiss My Ass

Glamocracy: Women Are Stupid, Haven't You Heard?

Jezebel: Crappy Hour

Radar: Review of Hillary: The Movie

Also, please note: Although I'm not quoted by name (just by "Wonkette" in about the 5th paragraph), I'm quoted in The New Yorker this week.


nojo said...

“Please don’t get all Botoxed and start acting like some sort of Stepford wife. Please?” the post went on, remarking approvingly on what it termed the “ ‘bitch, please’ look” that Obama had seemed unable to suppress in the wake of a comment by Ann Romney.

Great. Now I'm getting angry about the Wank again.

Anonymous said...

Best quote ever by a member of the punditocracy:

MEGAN: Fuck that noise.


Megan said...

@nojo: Aw, well, that's why you have the CP!!

@thingamabob: I try to bring the cogent political commentary.