Monday, March 24, 2008

I definitely got my rant pants on this morning

Glamocracy: A New Clinton Frenemy, A New Measure and a New and Unwanted Milestone

Jezebel: Crappy Hour

Cynics' Party: Thy Neighbor’s Wife, Thy Prosecutor’s Ire
Cynics' Party: Kevorkian Announces Lively Congressional Campaign
Cynics' Party: Cheaters, Liars, Pants in Fires


Cynica said...

Sarkozy update: Cecilia has reportedly married Richard Attias, the guy she left Sarko for the year before he ran for president. Does a reasonably attractive multimillionaire you screwed while you were still married trump a former model, Mick-Jagger-girlfriend in the ex-spouse rebound competition?

Megan said...

Cynica: I think happiness (or the other person's lack thereof) is the only good revenge. That's why I like to pretend that all my exes are miserable.