Monday, April 21, 2008

I like the grumpy men

If you, intelligently, don't watch cable news all day, well, I guess that explains why you have a real job and I sit on my ass all day and write crap on the Internet. That said, I sort of miss the curmudgeonly Jack Cafferty on CNN in the morning. Personally, I think the combo of him, my beloved Soledad and dumb-little-brother Bill Hemmer were the combo I personally needed in the morning. But, bygones, whatever. Fuck you, Chetry.

Anyways, so, apparently Jack mentioned the fact that we have imported a lot of dangerous/deadly shit from China in the last year and exported a bunch of job there in exchange. It's not exactly Dobbs-level rhetoric, or, um, really all that inaccurate. But, apparently, coming in the wake of Tibetan protestors trying to steal the torch from a nice lady in a wheelchair, many people of Chinese ethnicity no longer like being the butt of our aging-hegemon ranting and they protested his ass. For Chrissakes, people. Lou Dobbs makes ten times the money of my friendly non-pervy Uncle Curmudgeon and he actually hates non-white people. But you're protesting Jack? Way to make him more popular! I miss you Jack! Come back and grump in the mornings!

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rptrcub said...

Jack is the grumpy curmudgeonly truthful SOB of an uncle I wish I had... instead of the grumpy curmudgeonly racist VA victim I currently have.