Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Quite Yet Tax Day

Glamocracy: Is Obama Elitist? What You Need To Know Today
Glamocracy: Bill Clinton, Underminer-in-Chief?

Jezebel: Crappy Hour

Cynics' Party: W****** Sold, Bought


rptrcub said...

Hehehehe... the evil collapses in on itself.

In other news, didja see this totally wack article on Megyn Kelly of Faux News? Ugh. I ache for intelligent women reading about her:

"I generally try not to know too much about complex financial news, because then you try to conduct an expert interview. Our viewers aren't experts."

I've already blogulated about it but you're free to use it, of course, for Crappy Hour.

rptrcub said...

Ugh, tags ain't working:

rptrcub said...

Dammit... I think this is it.