Saturday, April 26, 2008

Someone reads my stuff

I mean, I know people read my stuff, but it's always weird when it's someone I meet out, as was the case last night when I was recognized by no less than a Washington Post reporter.

In addition to that reporter, Trudy Lieberman blogged about my Glamocracy health care piece for the freaking Columbia Journalism Review. Whoa.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised you're getting noticed,you're one of the best writers around.


Anonymous said...

We're not all just hanging around because you're a babe Megan. You write well, and you've got very good insights into what's going on.

(And yeah, you're a babe too, but that doesn't keep the readers coming back.)

BeRightBack said...

For the record, I think I was the first person to actually use the term "Megtard" way back when The Incident occurred. And I'm still proud to be one! Good on ya.