Saturday, May 3, 2008

A polite request

Hey, so if you're reading this, you're probably clicking around and commenting on various things, and I totally appreciate that. That said, please, please, please start commenting on what I write on Glamocracy. I spend a bunch of time writing it, and I am freakishly unused to having any feedback. Feed my ego, please.


Anonymous said...

Will do.

Thus far I've not left any comments there because it seems to be a women-focused kind of thing, so if I had something to say about something you wrote there I'd say it here instead. But if it's cool for men to leave comments there, sure, I'll leave comments there.


Anonymous said...

I'm a truly random tag-along -- Wonkette lurker that has had this (and Cynics Party) on my RSS feed since the, y'know. I've never commented on any of the sites. But I do regularly click over to read Crappy Hour at Jezebel now... but I'll admit, my click-through rate for your Glamocracy work is less than 50/50. It's just not your authentic writing voice -- what sort of awful watered-down content restriction/policing do they have going on over there?

I'm not trying to be harsh - I imagine there's not much you can do about their content policing. But I'm wondering if the low comment rate over there doesn't reflect the fact that the soft, pastel version of you just doesn't make for excellent writing. The info you're relaying is great, the condensation top-notch -- but the delivery? ... just doesn't appeal, at least to me. You've got amazing talent (thus my dedicated lurky-lurking around), but it just doesn't come through at Glamocracy. I realize it's probably a good income stream though and you're not likely to be able to toughen up your writing voice more in that venue.

Feel free to ignore - I'm just another Gtown student putting off finishing final papers. But a big fan of your work.

Megan said...

Bill- Of course, men are more than welcome to comment over there!

Random tagolong (Mmmm, reminds me of the Girl Scout Cookies): I totally appreciate your point of view, but, while not confirming or denying anything about my overlords, I would say that more traffic there means I have ever-so-slightly more discretion... But, either way, good luck with your papers! I don't envy you those.

ManchuCandidate said...

I do read your glamocracy, but rarely comment (which is odd for me.) I'll make more of an effort to comment when I have something to add.