Friday, May 30, 2008

A rant

I got a little rant here at the end of the day.

Jezebel: Dear Gerry: You Gotta Think About What You're Trying To Do To Me


SanFranLefty said...

Great job, Megan. You articulated all of the sorrow and frustration I feel not only towards Ferraro, but the other feminist icons who I used to hold in such high regard. (Including Hillz). So sad.

ManchuCandidate said...

That's a huge pair of metaphorical brass balls you're swinging to throw that kind of red meat into the Jez forum.


I seem to remember that MLK said something about judging someone by their character. Doesn't matter about race or reproductive equipment.

Endy said...

Wow, nice work. I can't believe she's building up the importance of the Regan Democrats. That was 20 years ago!
I'll second manchu's statement as well. I glanced at the Jez comments, about five ultra-positives and then WHAM!

BeRightBack said...

When I was just a tot, I was so excited about Geraldine that I actually named a gerbil after her. one. I also wrote her a letter after she lost consoling her and telling her that she looked nice in her Pepsi commericals. My mother still has a copy of it.

My point is, I share your pain and anger, as well as the sense of betrayal. Thank you for that fantastically wrought rant. You fuckin' bring it.

And fuck those fucking commenters who think that it's somehow elitist or even comparably discriminatory to call racists and their views stupid and that we should worry about their goddamn feelings because they need to be represented too out of some sort of vulgar idea of democracy that's shorn of any sense of public debate or acknowledgement of common human rights. If calling stupid, hurtful, ignorant views stupid, hurtful, and ignorant is off-limits, then so is thinking and writing and justice.

Jesus. Fuck.