Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yeah, I know I'm lame

I owe y'all links for the week. I was traveling, busy, depressed, whatever. That's tomorrow.

Tonight was finally a pretty good night. Sometimes, I like not having to justify my moods. Anyway, so I was listening to the song below, looking at myself, trying to remember if this wrinkle or that mole is old or new, trying to remember what it is to celebrate an accomplishment without focusing on my failures and all I could come up with was a good bottle of wine and some music that isn't completely depressing.


Cynica said...

You're not lame. From what I can see, you were being very productive. I love Amy, hot mess that she is. I just hope she'll slow down so she can at least make it to 27 before doing her Janis/Jimi/Jim self destruction.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I just figured you got caught up in doing something better.


Anonymous said...

It took me awhile to come around for Amy. I compared her to 60's singers and thought she came up short. I've changed my mind. It's a different time. She wouldn't fit then, and they wouldn't fit now. Hope she lasts awhile longer.