Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Challenge

My friend, Spencer Ackerman, issued me a bloggy challenge:
Put your iPod on shuffle and see how long it takes to come up with a song that would disqualify you from the presidency.
I figured I needed a distraction, a reason to put my headphones on despite hanging out with my family and something to do while getting through a weekend's worth of news before writing tomorrow. Bonus points for being able to officially not notice my mom rolling her eyes about me drinking a beer.

Sadly, I might be disqualified on the lameness factor. I have almost 1,800 songs on iTunes and they pretty well run the gamut of, well, everything from country to classical, blues to rock, swing to pop. Sadly, it seems that in the transfer from my old desktop to my laptop it lost all my ratings and # of plays, so my shuffle button is really doing this blind.

  1. Under The Boardwalk -- The Drifters
  2. The Story -- Brandi Carlisle
  3. Mrs. Robinson (Live from Central Park) -- Simon and Garfunkel
  4. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do -- Neil Sedaka
  5. Thong Song -- Sisqo
  6. Best I Ever Had -- Vertical Horizon
  7. Ordinary World -- Duran Duran
  8. Faultline -- Elliot Morris
  9. Summertime -- The Sundays
  10. Into Action -- Tim Armstrong
  11. Fat Lip -- Sum 41
  12. Private Conversation -- Lyle Lovett
  13. My Immortal -- Evanescence
  14. Late In The Evening (Live in Central Park) -- S&G
  15. In the Still of the Night -- The Five Satins
  16. Bang Bang -- David Sanborn
  17. Get Gone -- Fiona Apple
  18. Everyone Needs Someone Sometime -- Jewel
  19. Piano Song -- Meiko
  20. Whip It -- Devo
  21. Rock This Town -- The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  22. Caramel (Trackmasters Joint) -- City High
  23. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough -- Cyndi Lauper
  24. Don't Know Why -- Norah Jones
  25. Dr. Feelgood -- Aretha Franklin

If I'm not disqualified by Sisqo at #4 or the overall girly emo-ness of the thing, hardly anything will. So I'm gonna just stop before I embarrass myself anymore. I'm possibly lame enough to be President, but not nearly cool enough to be an urban blogger. I blame the shuffle button. This is not representative of the music I have on regularly (other than the girly emo-ness of my song selection). The last two songs I bought: Chick Habit by April March and New Soul by Yael Naim (ok, the latter's a little lame because it's in a commercial).


Cynica said...

You've reminded me of one good thing about my alcoholic, dysfunctional family: no one ever rolled their eyes when I drank. And there were usually some good drugs in the medicine cabinet.

Anonymous said...

WOW. That Meiko song is awesome!