Monday, June 30, 2008

John's Date

This is, rather obviously, the girl John was on a date with on Friday night. Apparently, despite the yawning, it went pretty well. He posted this picture last night (and, yes, he knows he's one of my contacts on Flickr and thus see his pictures). This is the conversation that ensued with one of my friends:

me: ALSO john who i dated in the fall? posted naked pictures of his new GF on his flickr account
that's so wrong
me: no nips or anything, but the meaning is obvious
D: that nail polish is just awful
is she part Tic Tac?
me: does it matter?
that was the girl yawning at him last friday night
he knows i see his flickr
D: I'm just so not impressed
all I can think about looking at these photos is that she kind of has the same hair as that Kazakh model who leapt to her death yesterday
me: yeah
D: whose corpse I just HAD to go look at on Fox
D: obviously
me: (me too, i'm ashamed)
D: you'd never let yourself be photographed looking so utterly submissive
and I still hate the nail polish
me: WOW way to put your finger on it
D: everything about the photo screams "passive"
me: omg, totally
D: which is prolly what he likes about her
and which you are (I should think) constitutionally incapable of being
me: yes
pretty much
D: I bet she talks in a little girl baby doll voice too


Cynica said...

Can't decide what I hate more: the color of the nail polish or the hair. Or the fact that she let some loser she just started dating take naked pics of her and post them on flickr. You would never make any of those bad decisions.
Hope life is better otherwise.

SanFranLefty said...

Does he have some sort of a foot fetish?

Megan said...

SFL: Why, yes, yes he does.

Groovymarlin said...

That's the most unnatural hair color I've seen this year. It's like a canary dipped in saffron. I'd feel bad for talking about her like this but she's letting some dude she just started dating post semi-nekkid pics of her on the Internet. Girl, you just don't DO that!

Michelle said...

This is sofa king lame. How old is this guy?!
Megan my love, you got out just in time...I agree with D on the nail polish - it looks like something from the briny deep.

Anonymous said...

I like how she has cleverly (hah) concealed her razor cut scars/ bruises/tracks from the camera.
Megan, I want to believe that this guy has spiralled downwards since you, because he really is a pathetic turd these days.

Shannon said...

Hey, I just started reading your blog, and I really like you and don't want to be mean on your own personal blog, but -- just because this guy is a wanker doesn't mean the *girl* deserves to be publicly mocked all over the Internet does it? This is definitely an example of what Jezebel would call girl-on-girl violence, and I think you're better than this.

She liked a guy and so she got naked for him. Why are y'all doing the sexual-shaming thing here?

Megan said...

@Shannon: If it was a full face photo, I wouldn't've used it. She's a very pretty girl, but I think that letting a dude do this on the second or third date (I witnessed their first) is a bad call. It's also, ahem, all about me and thus (as my friend pointed out) exactly why he didn't last -- because I never would've acquiesced to this.