Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I googled my therapist the other day to try to find her number and discovered that she's fairly well known for treating people with gender dismorphia. I felt bad, like i had wasted her time with me and my stupid little problems. Then i felt suddenly less important, like i wanted my problems to have been desperately important and unique be interesting to someone but me. I think when you want to be more personally important to your therapist, that's a sign you need to seek treatment for more than just depression.


Promnight said...

I go to a shrink whose practice is mostly pediatric, so I am fairly sure I am the high point of his week, a chance to talk about something other than Sponge Bob and the third grade teachers. Some hours we just talk about what movies we've seen lately. He claims thats therapy, just chatting. I think he enjoys getting $175 an hour to talk.

Cynica said...

I've had this problem myself. The man who was my therapist for years mostly worked with abused children. I had to stop myself from making things up sometimes because being depressed for no apparent reason didn't seem good enough. Funny side note: he was treating several women who had been dumped by my ex-boyfriend. He thought about starting a group for us.