Friday, June 6, 2008

Things I Miss Out On

They're playing in D.C. tonight, and I heard about it yesterday and naturally did nothing about it. This song... it's sad, actually. There's a guy who probably doesn't remember, but just as I was on the cusp of deciding whether I could really like him or not, just when I was in that moment when I could've walked utterly away without harm or pain, when I could've committed to it being nothing more than a fling, he called me his silver lining. And so I didn't. And it got fucked up anyway, like everything else. But I still listen to this and think of him and think of that moment when I was sort of stupidly hopeful. It's a good feeling, actually, now.

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ManchuCandidate said...

Good to see you busy on Jez. Looks like you've got the Jezes more active than you had us Wonks on Wonk.