Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fuck You, General Motors

Last year, I discovered this song by Brandi Carlile. I liked it, I bought it from iTunes, I sang along to it in my living room, I thought in happy moments that it might be about John and in unhappy moments that it never could be. I still like this song, even if I had to take it off my MP3 player there for a while when it had a tendency to make me cry.

This song is now the background music for a fucking General Motors commercial running during the Olympics.

Fuck you, GM, for making me look even lamer by making this song a crappy commercial for your crappy cars.

That said, congrats, Brandi, I hope you make a shit ton of money off of it. I'm sorry that I'll only listen to it when no one else is around.


rptrcub said...

It could be worse. Like when the anarchosocialistcommiepinkos of Britain's Chumbawumba allowed GM to use part of their song "Pass It Along" for a commercial -- a song actually about anticommercialism, though I do have to give them props for using the money to combat GM and other corps.

wcg said...

Hey, thanks for passing along the song. I could care less about the stupid GM commercial, but it is good music.

I'd say there's no shame in liking that song.


Anonymous said...

Hey, here's Brandi's explanation on her myspace page to make you feel better:

"Hey all,

I’m writing you from a plane bound for Portugal. While we are gone you may have already heard our song “The Story” in an Olympic advertisement for GM. Depending on how you feel about music and advertising in general, you may be wondering why a band like us would do something like this. Well I have a few good reasons, so allow me to shine a little light on the subject.

When GM first approached our band to use ”The Story” in their 2008 Olympic ad visions of SUVs and full-size pick-up trucks driving through a rugged mountain range were dancing through my head. I promptly and politely declined. (Although I don’t want to be a hypocrite, our band did tour in a GM gas-guzzling van for many years) But, when they came back to us and offered to involve us in an ad campaign promoting hybrids, bio fuel, bio hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars and yes, even the infamous electric car the Chevy Volt, I felt the need to think twice about having the opportunity to be a part of a huge American car company creating an ad campaign for environmentally responsible cars. We feel they allowed more than a fair amount of input from us and made an honest effort to create an environmentally conscious ad. We are proud of it.

I also believe in American jobs. Keeping people employed in the US and building fuel-efficient/alternative cars could help reduce and one day help eliminate our dependency on foreign oil. To really make a positive impact regarding the climate crisis we all need to work together to make the change, even GM.

Regardless of what my feelings are about the agenda behind the sudden wave of corporate environmental awareness, its still awareness just the same.

Thanks for hearing us out.
The twins and I are proud to say that every last penny from the GM ad is being donated and split between several environmental organizations exploring alternative energy and effecting change on a grass roots level…sweet!

Names and links to these organizations are soon to follow just as soon as the paperwork is done! J

And yes dad, we are still loud mouth tree huggers…sorry.


Meg said...

Oh, you're not lame! The song is beautiful. And there are a shit ton of awesome songs in commercials. Besides, some people (like me) are afraid of new artists/music, and it helps to hear the song a million times, before adding them to our family.

Anonymous said...

fuck general motors, I will never buy any car from GM, theire are robbers and steel us!!!
fuck them loosers!

Anonymous said...

I sell new GM product. they make good cars now but all CEOs should be fired.