Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, For Fuck's Sake

This shit is getting tiresome. I just passed a rash of signs at the Albany airport telling me the various fees the airlines are charging to check one bag. Just raise the fucking ticket price by $30 and stop charging me at the fucking airport because then if I'm traveling for business that's an extra receipt I have to submit. Assholes.


Anonymous said...

Dude, if the airlines increased the fare by $30, that would result in your ticket going up by MORE than $30 as a result of taxes. The fees are taxed differently. So it still sucks, but at least you aren't forking over more cash to Uncle Sam.

Cynica said...

I paid United an extra $24 to get out of sitting in a middle seat. Have you heard about the $7 pillows and blankets?

rptrcub said...

You're also going to have to pay extra for the privilege of sitting in an exit row -- for which you've got to help evacuate people, but you get extra leg room in return.