Sunday, August 3, 2008

Out Of Sight

I know I've been bad about updating this month. A friend just IM'd me to ask about my dating life these days and I said that I didn't have enough emotional energy to bother trying. That's sort of like this blog. With all the blogging I'm doing for Jezebel and Glamocracy, it's been difficult to think of anything else I might even want to bother saying.

If you're worried you missed any of said blogging, I chronicled it all here. And I'll try to get back to daily updates and shit.


redmanlaw said...

. . . but not out of mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm on commenting hiatus while I look for work. Actually, maybe for good, since my wife has informed me once again that my CP comments are those of a pompous, self-important ass. She already knew I am a pompous ass, why did she have to rub it in?
Take care of yourself, Megan. I'll check in now and then to see how you're doing.
Jim (Ewalda)

T.Bob said...

"I know which country I'd rather live in, and I'm tired of the acts committed in its (and my) name for the sake of "national security." This country was founded on the basis that freedom brings security, not that security brings freedom, and, in many ways, the last 7 years and proved, to me, why exactly that was."

Totally brilliant. Thanks for writing this.

redmanlaw said...

Ewalda's comments are just fine.