Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Week

Since I came back from home, the few times I've used my car I've forgotten my MP3 player. (Yeah, I'm too cheap to buy an iPod, so sue me). That's meant that I've been stuck with the radio. I heard this song this week, and liked it except that it was trying too hard to be a ballad I didn't want to listen to. Luckily, some DJ type had the same feeling.

I do like my heartbreak with a techno beat, what can I say? It's less tempting to slit my wrists that way.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Megan? I just read your two posts for today (1 Sep) on Jezebel. They're the kind of thing that if I didn't read your stuff already, I'd start now. Really excellent, right from the heart stuff. Thanks so much for being a voice of reason there.