Saturday, August 9, 2008

The view from here.

Things I find absurd:
1. How much processed food they serve in hospitals.
2. That this is one time my loud, high-pitched voice comes in handy. I still talk too fast, though.
3. The openness patients get with their evacuatory functions. I remember reading a study once about how people would pee their pants before dropping trou in front of strangers. Not so here.
4. How cold it is here.
5. I remember the hospitals I've stayed in smelling worse. Is there actually a market for hospital smell eliminating chemicals?
6. My grandmother's former roommate who kept trying to smoke in the bathrooms, including other people's.
7. Why the fuck is everything pink?
8. How fucking perfect the weather is.
9. That I'm sitting in the hall typing this.
10. The insanely hot ambulance guy that handed something to the gay male nurse and said something about a "hard stick" while we both drooled and another nurse gloved up to go into my grandmother's room.


rptrcub said...

What's even worse is that if you're in the hospital long enough, your clothes and everything else you bring in start to smell like it. :( Good vibes heading your way.

Meg said...

It's freezing in our hospital, too. And there is a bunch of pink, though they usually try and balance it out with some soft teal. I don't care if they import sand, the hospital feels like neither a beach, nor a vacation. At the very least, my dad has an infection that spreads easily in a hospital, so he's basically shoved in a broom closet. But at least it's quieter than the usual stay.

Still thinking of you.

Cynica said...

Thinking of you.

Scott Lemieux said...

That this is one time my loud, high-pitched voice comes in handy. I still talk too fast, though.

You're discussing me! (Well, not the high pitch, I guess.)

Hope everything is OK!

SanFranLefty said...

Hang in there, girl. Sending good thoughts to you.

redmanlaw said...

Spent a lot of time in a hospital with my father in law, his wife and Mrs RML last year. Lots of talking, raw emotions, frayed nerves and exhaustion. It's supposed to be a place of healing but it ends up breaking everybody down.

Take care of yourself and your family. My favorite part when I was in the Santa Fe hospital a few years ago - killer breakfast burritos.