Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The HuffPo Challenge Continues Apace

While out on Sunday night, I received the following tweet from Jason Linkins, my friend and fellow Crappy Hourist:
THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN was nominated for something? Really? In the same category as John Adams? Really? How did this happen?
I responded:
@dceiver: What the fuck? The Andromeda Strain sucked. It was only worth watching for seeing Benjamin Bratt all wet, but that's not Emmy-worthy.
Both made the HuffPo feed but, as I was out, I didn't capture it for perpetuity.

Today, following a Crappy Hour full of mocking Jonah Goldberg, I tweeted the following.

Man, Kelis doesn't get 'em?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

HuffPo Challenge Day 3

Ass-fucking makes its first appearance!

Day 2.5

Unfortunately, there is no visual to accompany it, but at the bar last night, I tweeted the following:
If you feed enough fucking reporters enough fucking wine those assholes still don't tell you anything. Bitches.
One of those bitches, who I loved, whipped out her iPhone and discovered that, indeed, this made the HuffPo feed as well. Received the following responses on the HuffPo feed:
@megancarpentier Wine is like Kryptonite to Bizarro Superman. Must ply reporters w/ bourbon or worse. Absinthe guarantees results, per Hem. -msbellows
@megancarpentier Good one! -dceiver
The first person doesn't even follow me! I then proceeded to get even more stinking drunk.

Friday, September 19, 2008

HuffPo Challenge Day 2

Day 2: They deleted part of my Tweet, but published the other part. In full, it reads:
Attention all rapists and harassers: Arlington County, VA police & prosecutors have decided it's open season on women here, so go ahead.
Yeah, it was a good night last night. Really.

Anyway, I'm not actually pissed they're using it, I'm more amused.

Um, Hey, We Used To Hang Out?

So, the summer of crap is nearly at an end and I don't really want to talk about it, so instead I will post something silly.

As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I post sporadically at best, and usually pretty stream-of-consciousness shit. I didn't used to even have followers. Tuesday, I got a notification that the Huffington Post was following me. Ok, well, whatever. While catching up on the day's events tonight, I noticed the HuffPo feed -- that used to be filled with people I know actually blog for HuffPo -- was filled with new bloggers. Non-HuffPo bloggers. And I realized the significance of Tuesday's messages.

HuffPo wasn't just "following" me. HuffPo was now re-posting my messages, which might at any given point show up on the main HuffPo page. Like, say, this morning's message:
Holy shit, the FDIC will insure money markets and the SEC is stopping short selling. We really are completely fucked. Buh-bye, 401k!
Or yesterday's message:
Jason Linkins will not be distracted by shiny things.
Or, God forbid, late Wednesday night's message:
Need a really good back massage.
Gah! I figured there was only one thing to do. I must now endeavor to curse, as prolifically as possible, until the Powers That Be on HuffPo decide to remove me. The HuffPo Challenge began this afternoon, rather inauspiciously for my goals.
Top of the heap, within moments. Two curse words and a "WTF." I'm going to have to try harder.