Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 2.5

Unfortunately, there is no visual to accompany it, but at the bar last night, I tweeted the following:
If you feed enough fucking reporters enough fucking wine those assholes still don't tell you anything. Bitches.
One of those bitches, who I loved, whipped out her iPhone and discovered that, indeed, this made the HuffPo feed as well. Received the following responses on the HuffPo feed:
@megancarpentier Wine is like Kryptonite to Bizarro Superman. Must ply reporters w/ bourbon or worse. Absinthe guarantees results, per Hem. -msbellows
@megancarpentier Good one! -dceiver
The first person doesn't even follow me! I then proceeded to get even more stinking drunk.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of absinthe, have you tried it, now that it's available in the US again?

I tried some at a bar in Baltimore a few months ago. Interesting stuff. Very licorice at first, and then the other herbal flavors came through.