Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The HuffPo Challenge Continues Apace

While out on Sunday night, I received the following tweet from Jason Linkins, my friend and fellow Crappy Hourist:
THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN was nominated for something? Really? In the same category as John Adams? Really? How did this happen?
I responded:
@dceiver: What the fuck? The Andromeda Strain sucked. It was only worth watching for seeing Benjamin Bratt all wet, but that's not Emmy-worthy.
Both made the HuffPo feed but, as I was out, I didn't capture it for perpetuity.

Today, following a Crappy Hour full of mocking Jonah Goldberg, I tweeted the following.

Man, Kelis doesn't get 'em?


Lisa said...

hi, megan. this is extraordinarily hilarious. keep up the good work. i love it.

Anonymous said...

Mom, most of us are giving up on CP. We're happy you're doing well in your new ventures. It's just that Nojo has been carrying the load at CP for too long, and the site broke, and he couldn't fix it alone, and we're just moving on to where we can be a family again. Love you, Megan, and thanks for giving us the original impetus last January to break free from the old world, and enter the new.
Jim (Ewalda)

SanFranLefty said...

Like Ewalda said, the kids are in a new sandbox. If you want to come say hey, we're at www.stinque.com


Anonymous said...

Come see us at stinque, would ya? We need coordinates for Moe as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just saw this in Jezebel: "I am thrilled to announce that longtime contributor Megan Carpentier and guest blogger Sadie Stein will be moving on up the masthead and taking on the titles of “Editor” and “Associate Editor”, respectively."

So congratulations! Editor! Wow. That's great.