Friday, September 19, 2008

Um, Hey, We Used To Hang Out?

So, the summer of crap is nearly at an end and I don't really want to talk about it, so instead I will post something silly.

As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I post sporadically at best, and usually pretty stream-of-consciousness shit. I didn't used to even have followers. Tuesday, I got a notification that the Huffington Post was following me. Ok, well, whatever. While catching up on the day's events tonight, I noticed the HuffPo feed -- that used to be filled with people I know actually blog for HuffPo -- was filled with new bloggers. Non-HuffPo bloggers. And I realized the significance of Tuesday's messages.

HuffPo wasn't just "following" me. HuffPo was now re-posting my messages, which might at any given point show up on the main HuffPo page. Like, say, this morning's message:
Holy shit, the FDIC will insure money markets and the SEC is stopping short selling. We really are completely fucked. Buh-bye, 401k!
Or yesterday's message:
Jason Linkins will not be distracted by shiny things.
Or, God forbid, late Wednesday night's message:
Need a really good back massage.
Gah! I figured there was only one thing to do. I must now endeavor to curse, as prolifically as possible, until the Powers That Be on HuffPo decide to remove me. The HuffPo Challenge began this afternoon, rather inauspiciously for my goals.
Top of the heap, within moments. Two curse words and a "WTF." I'm going to have to try harder.


rptrcub said...

That's the Megan we all know and lurves! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I sure am glad I don't twitter.

Is this something HuffPo just decided to do without your permission?

In other news, great articles lately. I keep pointing friends at stuff you've posted in Jezebel.


BeRightBack said...

YES! Great to have you back. I loved your recent Crappy Hour with Ana Marie Cox. It was like wonkette v. wonkette, in the original sense of the term.

I had a shit summer too. But fall is looking up.

T.Bob said...

Shit summer? Tell me about it. It's awful thata publisher would hijack and publish your Twit. Is Sarah Palin's Twit being published yet?

Love your work; you've been super productive despite the shit. Hang in there, we need you.

Cynica said...

Maybe promnight or flyingchainsaw could help you out with some string cursing. Or you could just speculate that Arianna's had work done. That should do it.

SanFranLefty said...

It's been a long summer, and the next seven or eight weeks will be long.

Was just on HuffPo and couldn't find what they're doing to you. I agree with Cynica's suggestion.

Loved your convention stuff (so jealous you interviewed Rachel Maddow!) on Jez!