Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not My Friend

Earlier this month, I got in a bit of a Facebook back and forth with a guy who had been my intellectual rival in grade school. Yes, that involved math flash cards and spelling bees, so what? Anyway, he ended up not graduating with our class, losing his football scholarship and no one seemingly knew what happened to him at the last reunion. When I found him on Facebook in our class section, I was oddly excited. I've always been curious.

It turns out, he's a rabid Republican in Illinois. And by "rabid," I mean he responded to an item I posted on my Facebook page about racism among McCain supporters with comments about the Reverend Wright and whether it was safe to elect Obama President. We had 3 exchanges in which I was like, don't be an idiot. When I went back to show the conversation to someone else, I found his comments has disappeared and he had de-friended me. On the one hand, I was disappointed because I remember the kid he used to be that I really liked (and, naturally, had a crush on for a while) and, on the other, I'm not surprised.

That said, a lot of people I don't know friend me on Facebook. The below guy claimed he did so because we were friends with a lot of the same people -- all conservatives, and many former colleagues that don't speak to me anymore. I accepted the request because I pretty much always do. And then my news feed showed me this.
So much offensiveness, so little time. He's not my "friend" anymore, either.


rptrcub said...

I've been wondering about defriending people during an election year. I've had to do that with people I've known after they've refused to agree to disagree rather than have arguments at the mutually assured destruction level.

Nefarious Newt said...

I wish Facebook had another category called "Acquaintances," for people you know-but-don't-know; "Friend" is stretching things just a bit in the cyber world. Being someone's friend entails just a little more than clicking on something in a web application.

That said, I feel like you and I would be friends if we met socially on a regular basis or were in more direct communication. I'd never think to presume more or count myself as your "friend" based solely on our association through Jezebel and FB.

wobblie said...

Facebook's a strange place for catching up with people from way back, and when you read about them, you think to yourself, "wow, I didn't see that coming."

What's worse is when your mom "friends" you. Talk about taking the fun out of social networking.