Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bad habits

  1. Calling Greg for rides when I'm drunk.
  2. Staring at Mike's or Andy's ass, and occasionally both (usually when I'm drunk).
  3. Obsessing.
  4. What John Clarke, Jr. used to call "bleeding in public," i.e., blogging too-personal shit.
  5. Getting fired.
  6. Eavesdropping.
  7. Not returning e-mails in a timely fashion.
  8. Snooping.
  9. Lulling myself to sleep with memories that shouldn't still lull me to sleep.
  10. Tardiness.
  11. Ego.
  12. Murder She Wrote
  13. Going to the same bar.
  14. Listening to morose music when intoxicated.
  15. Crying in cabs.
  16. Crying on my floor.
  17. Falling asleep crying to the point I wake up with salt crystals on my face.
  18. Procrastinating.
  19. Missing what I never really had.
  20. Mozzarella cheese sticks.
  21. Daydreams.
  22. Making lists I never finish.
  23. Focusing on my flaws.
  24. Buying shoes.
  25. Pretending that I matter.


Lazy Media said...

Ah, weekend insomnia. The WORST FREAKIN' KIND, because at least during the week you don't expect to get enough sleep.

BeRightBack said...

You matter, Megan.

Anonymous said...

Megan you most certainly matter.

i*n said...

Murder She Wrote is the best kind of habit Megan