Monday, December 15, 2008

Maura Johnston Is The World's Nicest Person

Maura Johnston is the editor of Idolator, which used to be part of the Gawker Media family. We met at a party on Thursday night and she invited me to accompany her to the infamous Jingle Ball (about which she wrote, so click), in which a Top 40 station -- which has partly to do with her awesomeness and partly to do with the fact that I will obviously try anything once even if that "anything" includes 15,000+ screaming tween girls and boy bands that are missing their bands (i.e., Jesse McCartney).

Anyway, although it was an event I possibly could've live-blogged due to its complete range from the ridiculous to the sublime, the one thing Maura did not put in her post was the fact that, on the Jumbotron, you could completely see the outline of Ne-Yo's (huge) cock. If we had been three rows closer, I would be able to tell you now if he was circumcised. As it is, the view was mighty fine. Also, Kanye's show as a performance was fucking awesome, Katy Perry's dress was annoying and Chris Brown's decision to eschew singing at his, you know, concert in favor of dancing might have been all right if two women in their mid-twenties hadn't decided to stand directly in front of us and get all I-Kissed-A-Girl about it to try to entice the cameras.

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Dee said...

Megan, after mentioning NeYo's package suddenly Jingle Ball(s) took on a whole 'nother meaning. Ha