Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Jason Linkins is my friend

Yesterday, I wrote a column deconstructing Dennis Prager's column about how wives should just shut up and put out to keep their husbands happy. For the record, Spencer Ackerman sent it my direction, likely figuring that I would do to it about what I did to it. After it was published, I had this IM conversation with Jason Linkins:

Jason: Hey. I just wanted to point out something.

me: yeah? what's up?

Jason: There's this thing called the "entertainment industry." They produce all manner of things that entice men to spend their free time on.

me: i have heard! are we talking about porn?

Jason: So, if what Prager is saying is true, that men are like crazy, rutting animals that need to FUCK ALL THE TIME, this "entertainment industry" wouldn't exist. Why would I watch FRINGE when I could be sticking my dick in a raccoon snizz or a nice knot in a piece of wood?

me: my dad now wants to know what i am laughing so hard at, but my mom is standing here.

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