Monday, January 5, 2009

Let the shitstorm commence

In December, I responded with my usual joie de vivre to Dennis Prager's two columns on how women should just stop denying thier husbands the sex those men so desperately want. Well, if that wasn't quite enough for you, I recommend listing to KRLA 870 radio live or live online on Wednesday, January 7 at 1 pm ET to hear me debating it with the man himself.

And, if you were really masochistic and wanted to call in, the number is 1-877-243-7776.

UPDATE: If you can't listen live, it'll be available as a podcast at that same address thereafter.


Bowleserised said...

Couldn't listen, what with being in Europe and all that, but hope you gave him merry hell.

[I can't view Jezebel any more as it freezes up and crashes my browser so I missed most of the posts about this dude (I'm taking this as a chance to achieve more work in 2009)]

wobblie said...

Well, this'll be a productivity killer! Ask him how comfy his sleeping couch is!

gawne said...

I won't be able to listen in realtime, but I'm hoping they put up a sound file of the program after it's over.


SanFranLefty said...

Rip him a new one.