Thursday, January 29, 2009

Misty Water Colored Meme-ories

At the request of the inimitable Jason Linkins, I review 2008 -- otherwise known as "The Worst Year in My Life So Far" and try to think of things that made it less than sucky.

4 favorite memories from 2008
Dancing with my dad at my sister's wedding -- no slow dances, thanks -- to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and having him tell me that he couldn't hear the song without thinking of me.
When my mother told me how proud my grandmother had always been of me -- of my ambition, and my education, my first career and even my second -- even if she'd never told me.
The night I told one of my best friends that I loved him, and he told me he loved me, too. (I don't really say this a lot to anyone, like, ever.)
Splitting a bottle of 14 year old wine with Alexandra and Markus around their dining room table the night before their wedding like it wasn't any big thing, and like it was.

4 favorite movies in 2008
Tropic Thunder
In Bruges
Run, Fatboy, Run (context: Spencer Ackerman took me to see it the Monday after my sexual assault, after I spent a while being questioned by police and then found out an ex of mine from high school died. I mostly remember that it got me out of my head. The second time I went to see it, the film ran upside down and backwards after the first reel, so my friend Lesley and I got drunk on the theater's dime. It might really suck.)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army (sue me, I loved Pan's Labyrinth)

4 favorite foods in 2008
The chocolates at Veritas
The garlic spƤtzle at Bistrot de Coin
The pumpkin ravioli in sage butter sauce at Urbana
The wild mushroom and butternut squash risotto at Bistro Bis

4 places I loved in 2008
Saarlouis, again
Denver, Colorado
San Francisco, California
New York City

4 events I loved in 2008
Duffy opening for Coldplay at the Verizon Center
The events of my birthday
Yeah, I'm sick, but I genuinely had a good time cooking testicles
The first Philly excursion, which occurred when I really needed a break from my life

4 things I liked in 2008
All the amazing friends I made this year -- Jason, Caro, Kay, Kate, Erica, Spencer, Latoya, Becca -- who helped me through and made me laugh and gave me hugs when I needed them.
Making some sort of living at this writing thing despite the ups and downs.
Being all journalist-y at the Democratic Convention
The Cyclone Coaster at Lakeside Amusement Park

4 things I am looking forward to in 2009
The things I already plan to change about my life
The vacation I damn well plan on taking this year
The new hair color
The fact that it can't possible be as bad as 2008

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