Saturday, January 3, 2009

Public Service Announcements

My friend Rob works in a bar that I like to frequent which was recently forced to close for the night because the toilets were all clogged up. Rob made a disparaging comment about how it was probably a woman flushing a tampon down the toilet, which I argued with him about. I even bet him that most women know better than to flush tampons down the toilet, being as we all experience regularly how they expand with moisture and are designed, in effect, to clog up plumbing.

I was wrong. I owe Rob drinks, but furthermore, this is a message for the apparent hordes of women out there who seriously, regularly flush (or attempt to flush) tampons down the toilet. My God, woman, stop! Wrap it up, throw it in the trash (as the box tells you to).

I mean, for real, the plumber charged the bar $500 just for the gross-out factor of rooting through literally hundreds of used tampons that had been rotting in the system for what one assumes was many months. This indicates that there is a serious free-rider problems -- you are all figuring that you're the only one doing it and just one won't hurt anything. Well, unless you all stop, you are not all the only one doing it. Seriously, trash can. Look into it. Please. I need to drink.


Groovymarlin said...

What? No. You're wrong. Tampon *applicators* should not be flushed (except those cardboard ones by Tampax, which are OK to flush because they unroll and disintegrate). Used tampons can be flushed, except in septic systems. Believe me, I just researched this online and all tampon manufacturers warn you to:

1. Dispose of the applicator in the trash
2. It's OK to flush a used tampon but,
3. If you have a septic system, you shouldn't flush it, throw it in the trash instead.

Does your friend's bar use a septic system or something?

Megan said...

No, it doesn't have a septic system. Also, I had a roommate who used to flush and our landlord had to have a plumber out, and it wasn't a septic system, either. If you have old or kinky pipes, you're going to have problems. Just let's all agree not to do it, just put them in a trash can. Also, as most tampons are not made with natural fibers these days, rayon doesn't decompose in the sewage treatment plants.

Ryan said...

Always bet that the cause was stupid people doing things they're not supposed to. This is why we need directions on shampoo, warning labels on coffee and q-tips.

Cynica said...

Anyone who's worked in restaurants or bars will tell you them women's bathroom always has more plumbing (and often cleanliness) problems, primarily due to improper disposal of tampons/napkins. Ladies, please.