Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I probably AM going to hell, but...

I have kind of been in a shit mood for two days. Then Anna sent me this post by Jill, which is illustrated by this picture:
The following conversation ensued:

me: dude, well, i guess we know what to get you for christmas. the life of christ in pussy?
Jill: let's hope!
me: but only if you promise to call it "the life of christ in pussies"
Jill: oh i will.
me: and then we have to make some last temptation references
Jill: so good
me: i feel like this could be its own off-broadway show
Jill: i would see it
me: with pussy puppets
Jill: haha i love it
me: also, there is a really good joke to be had about the pussy riding an ass
Jill: oh JESUS (if you will)
me: the last pussy meal! the possibilities for ribald humor are pretty much endless
Jill: i hope they didn't over-eat... oooh.
me: see! wait! wait! did they lick their plates? are vaginal juices the blood of pussy christ?
Jill: you are SO going to hell.
me: yes.
Who says feminists are humorless? Also, if anyone knows how to buy the pussy Jesus plate, please let me know because Jill deserves a medal for getting me to laugh today.


Nefarious Newt said...

Well, if you're going to Hell, then we'll have to have a Jezebel meet-up there, because I for one will be right down there with you.

Elena said...

My mother has a plaster 3-D Last Supper hanging in our dinning room.

My son asked her once if it was a scene with Cuban people playing poker.