Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One caveat

For the first time in the life of my car (a 2001 Toyota Corolla, manual transmission), I logged 40.5 mpg driving on the highway this past weekend. I am inordinately proud of this, though I had relatively little to do with it. It does, however, make my car ineligible for Obama's voucher program, not that I have to money to buy a different car, or any car, or even the particular desire to hold on to mine that much longer.

Related to that, New Jersey Turnpike gas prices are better than Arlington, D.C., Maryland rest stops, Delaware or New York by 20 cents or more at the moment.

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Nefarious Newt said...

We went down to the D.C. area Sunday to pick up our boys from their father and noted that the price of regular was over $2 per gallon most places. There are actually places near where I work in NJ where I can still get it gas for under $1.80 per gallon. This is about NJ I can tolerate anymore, is cheap gas.