Monday, March 9, 2009

Recommendation #2

From Nefarious Newt (reblogged from the comments). I do tend to send him wacky Flair.

I only know Megan through her work and what little correspondence we've shared... well, that and the flair she has sent me on Facebook. I could sit here and wax poetic about her beauty, rhapsodic about her intellect, or philosophic about her view of the universe. In any age, she would be the kind of woman that odes, sonnets, and testaments would be written about, the kinds that would resonate throughout the ages.

Instead of providing lists of her virtues and attributes, instead of trying to justify why becoming involved with her would be the zenith of rapture, let me put it as plainly as I can: Megan is worth dating because she is a real woman. She is not pretending to be someone she is not. She is not out to impress you. She is not seeking your approval. She is raw energy given female form. She will talk fashion one minute, politics the next, share intimate and sometimes painful details of her life, and do it while drinking and dancing and carousing with the best of them.

Megan is there, open to you, and if you accept the gifts she has to give you without precondition, you will not regret it. If you choose not to, it most assuredly marks you as a fool.

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