Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things that are always funny: My Beaver

Shortly after my 30th birthday, my friend Josh took me down to Ikea and bought me a new beaver. This is the first time I got my beaver drunk, later that afternoon.

Many people know I have a tendency to bring my beaver places, get it drunk, talk about it in the 3rd person and generally behave in a way that people I don't know might find embarrassing if they knew me. Apparently, I should live in Australia, where a woman's beaver is part of no less than two Kotex commercials (made after I started hanging out and posing with my beaver, lest you think me uncreative). They are pretty hilarious.

God, I love a good beaver joke.


Anonymous said...

" . . . talk about it in the 3rd person . . ."

Wouldn't it be weird if you didn't talk about it in the 3rd person?

Anonymous said...

Re the prev thread; back to NYC? You seem to be posting more frequently on Jezebel, are you back with them full-time? I do regret your leaving DC as I think politics/policies posts are important, but are you off K-Street for good? Anyway, this was a good post and best wishes on the move. --qwerty

Megan said...

Qwerty: No, I'm still part time, it's just their were absences yesterday, so Anna had me work all day and I'll take a day off later this week (we did that last month, too).

I'll still be writing about and paying attention to politics -- hell, it's not like I left my house much before -- but, no, I could't go back to lobbying. Going to Wonkette made that not an option.

Anonymous said...

Well, your Jez post re the NYT article was mentioned by Rebecca Traister on Bhtv. You really had a good pickup on a key issue. And not just the discrimination, but the deceptive stats that obscure it. Anyway, best on the move. --qwerty