Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Without comment

From Cary Tennis, who I normally don't like.
We learn to reel it in because when you're on display like she was, you're spending it all for nothing. You're performing for free for a tiny audience. ... I crave your attention but I can't do the old strip-tease for free. A body's got to get paid. Truth be told I still want your whispered admiration and your secret envy of my coolness but not enough to wreck my car and go to jail for it. I have to be the boring one in the crowd of loud laughter or go down screaming to an early grave.
There are days I desperately wish I felt this way.


Nefarious Newt said...

Amazing words. When you think about it, those of us who frequent the Internet live and die by the dichotomy. We want to be ourselves and we want to be the people the crowd thinks we are. We are perhaps not as cool as we appear, while at the same time much cooler than we let on. And we love the attention!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you used WorldNetDaily as a source for that bullshit "underground abortions" story. Really?

Megan said...

Um, the point was the criticize their take on it, not to attest to the veracity of it, though if you had read it you would have seen confirmation from non-religious sources that it happened twice that they know of.

Cameron said...

the lovely depression of a stripper.