Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The meaning of what?

I am a inveterate procrastinator, which means I sat down today at 4:00 pm to do my freelance taxes, which involved two 1099-MISCs, other business income, a variety of expenses, deductions and various other things. It required one short call to the IRS helpline. The question is, what does it say about me that i called the IRS help line and the dude that answered thinks i should work there?
Or, rather, what does it say about the IRS?


Joe said...

It says there is a direct relationship between how smart you are and how smart the IRS is. Not causal, but direct.

paultard said...

Megan, I did my taxes on April 15, too. Like millions of patriotic Americans such as yourself.
Even though I knew I had some kind of refund coming, since I lost my corporate job and worked my ass off as a temp for less than 1/4 of my old paycheck.
I even had to print my return (W9) and mail it, according to Turbo.
Since my ISP was overwhelmed, I had to take a bottle of Bushmills over to the guys next door and use their 'puter to print my tiny little tax return.
Yaada, Yaada, YADDA.
(damnED new keyboard)
It took all night.
Anyway, don't believe the natterers who say there are no jobs in the USA; I have six!
One of them is actually writing a weekly online column about restaurants.
If you ever find yourself in Orlando with time to kill......
Drinks are on me.
And hamburgers.