Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CNN.com Live

Whoops, major misunderstanding! I was actually on CNN.com Live, which is a streaming webcast? Anyway, here I am.


Rebecca said...

Wait, so, you wrote what like six stories today, appeared and rocked on CNN, posted that shit, and then, apparently between the hours of like 3 and 4, wrote that kickass response to L. Hirshman less than a day after it was published? Sister whatever drug you are taking I want a prescription.

Megan said...

I also created the image of my mouth being zipped shut.

I exist exclusively on Diet Coke, red wine, coffee and Advil.

chat said...

Dude I watched your CNN videos weeks after it was first posted (bad internet, life getting in the way, etc.). I wasn't able to comment on those via Jezebel but anyways, congrats on the two TV appearances! I am amused that you guys were much more civilized when making your points compared to the more established pundits. It could be chalked up to the poor sound quality (people not able to hear each other, etc.), but I'm guessing there is something more to that.