Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Notes from the battlefield

Dear Susannah Breslin,

You know, for a sex writer, you sure are keen to defend a slut-shamer just for the sake of caterwauling against a sex-positive women's site you have some sort of ideological problem with because we're also fans of political equality.


P.S. You really can stop sending us links every day to The Frisky's stuff. Honestly. I asked around. I was the only one who ever read them, and your friend Wendy cured me of that.

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Rebecca said...

yikes...did breslin not notice that her OWN site was the one who framed all the first posts in reference to feminism - to Betty FREIDAN no less? Jezebel doesn't even IDENTIFY as feminst. Wasn't it XX who barged in and judged Jezebel not feminist enough because of the perceived personal lives of its writers? Wasn't it HIRSHMAN who insisted on following a set of rules no one can agree on? Is it opposite day or something?