Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whoops, I did it again

Video from today's appearance featuring a new jewel-toned shirt, a hint of cleavage, way better audio and a number of people wondering why the girlie blogger knows so damn much about the history of CAFE standards and the car/light truck differentiation.


Nefarious Newt said...

Megan, you rock! :)

Tim strikes me as a bit of a dweeb.

And yes, small cars are inherently more dangerous currently, only because they are surrounded by so many hulking vehicles. My own accident back in February was a perfect example, where my small Saturn impacted the back of a Honda Pilot. Despite all the damage, my car was well designed, and my wife and I escaped with next to no injuries. Still, my car ended up being totaled, because it was no match for the Pilot, and he sustained significantly less damage from my impact, than he did from hitting the minivan in front of him.

Basically it comes down to physics. If the smaller cars are better designed, they can survive more punishment, but they still have no chance against larger and more massive SUVs and pickup trucks.

megadan said...

Ms used to be a auto industry lobbyist?

Joshua Foust said...

I thought it was funny that you pwn'd everyone.