Monday, July 6, 2009

[Slaps forehead]

For the better part of a week, I have been puzzled as to why Sarah Palin was so offended by the Photoshop job of her baby Trigg, in which a right-wing radio host's head was pasted over Trigg's in a picture. I mean, even for Palin, it was a bit out there.

I just realized that there are two, equally legitimate interpretations of the Photoshop job. One is the one offered by the blogger: that she did it in an effort to portray the radio host snuggled in Palin's loving embrace and dependent on her. From that perspective, it's an insult to the host and not to Trigg in any way.

The other interpretation: the blogger was calling the host a "retard." That's what Palin thought the picture was intended to convey -- which, given that the post was pointing out how stupid the host was, is a legit interpretation of the picture, and a reasonable thing to be insulted about.

Anyway, off to write something high-minded about insecure women that treat their significant others like crap.

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