Thursday, August 27, 2009

I know everyone has typos

By why you gotta talk about my sister that way?

(This came via a good friend who shall remain nameless.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Other things

Also, I started a new job two weeks ago, where I'm still writing, and editing, and getting up to speed with everything. It's been a bit crazy (and, yes, I know the site is hard to navigate BUT bear with us, there are big changes in store rather soon!), so I haven't been posting links but I'm starting here and now.

August 21
South African Runner Caster Semenya On Trial For Her Gender
Abramoff Scandal Nets Another Indictment
Netroots Nation Health Care Opinions, Part 4 (VIDEO)
Federal Judge Upholds South Dakota Anti-Abortion Propaganda Law
Michele Bachmann Wants The Government Out Of Her Body (Except Her Uterus)
Terrorist Al-Megrahi Returns To Hero's Welcome In Libya (VIDEO)
Elizabeth Edwards Never Gets To Just Talk About Health Care Reform

August 20
Poll: Which Actress Will Go Gay-For-Pay? (VIDEO)
Tom Delay Sashays Onto The Birther Train
Conservative Talker Smerconish Interviews Barack Obama, And We're Tortured
Tom Ridge Admits He Quit Over Politicization Of National Security
Blackwater Hired By CIA To Assassinate Al Qaeda Leaders
Adulterer John Ensign Thinks He's A Special Snowflake

August 19
Steve Brody Wants To Scare Gynecologists
Modern Day Slavery Chronicled In Eastern Europe
Netroots Nation Health Care Opinions, Part 3 (VIDEO)
Tiller's Killer May Admit To It, Claim Justification
"Fishy" E-mail Collection Ended
"Grassroots" Health Care Protests Costs $10,000 A Pop
Bipartisanship Declared Dead By Obama Administration

August 18
Obama Joker Creator ID'd As A Kucinich Supporter
Governor Paterson Pledges Support For Legislation Unshackling Women During Childbirth
New Airline ID Rules Cause Worries For Transgender Americans
Netroots Opine On Health Care And Town Halls Part 2 (VIDEO)
U.S. Senators Seek To Block Release Of Lockerbie Bomber
John Boehner Throws A Fit About PhRMA
Jenny Sanford Thinks Mark Needs To Get Over His Midlife Crisis

August 17
More Companies Decline To Be Associated With Racist Glenn Beck
Howard Dean To Ron Reagan: Giving $60 Billion A Year To Insurers Is "Crazy" (VIDEO)
Another Wingnut Shows Up To Greet Obama With A Gun (VIDEO)
Senator Jim Webb Secures Release of American From Myanmar
Anti-Choice Groups Raking In Dough By Promoting Civil Rights Of Zygotes
The Death Of The Public Option Is Imminent, Declare Dems
Ahmadenijad Tries To Placate Women By Appointing Three
Tom Delay To Dance For His Dinner (And ABC Audiences)
Hurricane Seasons Starts Late, But With A Bang

August 14
What Do The Netroots Think About Health Care And Town Halls? Part I (VIDEO)
Arlen Specter Decides To Help Dems On Union Legislation
Netroots "Commies" Welcome Bill Clinton, But What The F On LGBT Debate?
Death Panels Die A Quick Death In Senate
Damon Weaver, 11-Year-Old Reporter, Finally Scores Interview With Obama (VIDEO)
Sarah Palin Punks CNN On Twitter

August 13
Town Halls Produce Assassination Threats (And Their Little Dog, Too)
Equality Now Thinks Prop 8 Can Wait

August 12
Lockerbie Bomber To Be Released
Air America's Ad Blacklisters Throwing Money At Right Wing Talk
France's Strict Environmental Laws Bearing Fruits De Mer
$6,000 For 3 Stitches: Insurance Companies Throw Doctors Under The Bus
Santorum Gets Into White House Race
Conservatives Admit They're The Party Of No

August 11
African-American Congressman David Scott Hit With Racist Threats
Pistol-Packing Protesters Show Up At Obama Town Hall
Blackwater Seeks To Continue Bloodbath On Government Dime (AUDIO)
Ron Reagan Takes On Teabagging Mommy Blogger On CNN (VIDEO)
Hurting Glenn Beck Is So Easy A Caveman Could Do It
Clinton Visits Eastern Congo, Pledges $17 Million To Combat Rape
Republican Party Punk'd By Lefty Humor Site

August 10
New Obama Death Threats Incorporate The Joker
Aung San Suu Kyi Convicted, World Leaders Condem Myanmar Junta

Also: I'm on the Huffington Post now.

Things I've been doing

As I mentioned in a couple of places, I read a piece of mine at the True Sex Confessions Night of Rachel Kramer Bussel's "In The Flesh" reading series. They videotaped it, so here it is.

(Dad: you can watch until :40, but then, for your sake, you probably ought to stop.)

End of childhood dreams

Winnie The Pooh was my guardian against nightmares, mean people and anyone who might hurt me. I guess I'm on my own now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Been a bit

But I'm "splitting" seared scallops with wild mushrooms over roasted garlic polenta with a carafe of sangria mulled, infused and completed with cut strawberries and apples.

What was I talking about? Right. New job. Later. Did you see this polenta?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

In all likelihood, neither are you

But the kyriarchy enables you to earn it in a way it does enable the rest of us. So, you know, fuck you. I want mine, too.