Monday, August 10, 2009

In all likelihood, neither are you

But the kyriarchy enables you to earn it in a way it does enable the rest of us. So, you know, fuck you. I want mine, too.


Nefarious Newt said...

Sorry, but even now, people don't get rich solely by the sweat of their brow, unless they are a ball player or a radio talk show host (and that doesn't count as sweating). How many people work at McDonald's and make a million a year serving food?

The whole point of being a country, united under our Constitution and our flag, is that we all enjoy the benefits of liberty, and everything is for the common good. Freedom is not free, and the price of admission is the realization that some of what we earn must go toward the common good, if we are to truly live as decent people. To claim that someone does not deserve shelter, food, clothing, medical attention, simply because of who they are, is classicism of the highest order.

Elena said...

Megan do you mean, "does not enable the rest of us"...

This sounds just like the "Redistribute my work ethic" bumper stickers.