Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If you were going to give advice to a woman who wanted to break into on-line journalism, what would it be?

Have you seen my work history? Blog for fun, but don't quit your day job unless you miss eating Ramen and Mac & Cheese for dinner, hate buying new clothes, dislike the daily company of others, and can stand constant attacks on your looks, intelligence, point of view, everything you've ever written and anything you've ever done.

Yeah, I'm kind of a masochist.

In terms of real advice, I'd say if you're just out of school, you're probably screwed unless somewhere you've interned is hiring a fact checker. If you're mid-career, you'll either have to market yourself well as an expert in your field, and/or write for free or almost-free while still at your day job for at least a year or two before you can pick up enough steady freelance work to cover your Ramen and wine bills. Be sure you really want to do it, because it's not lucrative, it's often not fun, it's not steady work these days and you need a thick skin. But that's gender-free advice.

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