Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which other feminist writers and philosophers published on the internet (news, blogs, etc.) do you enjoy reading the most? Which ones do you find inspire and inform your own writing process?

This is a hard one, actually. In no particular order, with a ton of people left out because this is just what I've read in the last two days or so. Latoya Peterson. Ann Friedman. Dana Goldstein. Amanda Hess. Katha Pollitt. Kate Harding. Amanda Marcotte. Lindsay Beyerstein. Pilgrim Soul and Sarah MC over at Pursuit of Harpyness. Pam Spaulding. Jill Filipovic. Katherine Joyce. Rebecca Traister. Clara Jeffrey. Katie Halper. Everyone else I left off.

"Writing process" seems like such a foolish way to talk about the job of blogging. I mean, my process is often something like "There's a good story! Must write it! Faster! Faster! Publish! Find something else! Write more!" And because I write for a more general news site now as opposed to a feminist one, some times those stories I have to write have a feminist angle, and some times they are just about news or politics. It's hard to call my process either informed or inspired, I guess. I just write like I talk, and I talk like I think.

I like women writers who can function in the vitriolic, hate-filled, misogynist world of writing for blogs and do so without fear. I like women who examine their own biases, who try to live what they write and believe, who write over and over again without resorting to cliches or bending to the rules of how women "ought" to behave or write. And I like women--because I count many of those women among my friends-- who can then, in private moments, talk honestly about the things we all struggle with, but without feeling that either of us is weak.

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